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Signed, Sealed, Delivered...

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

November 13, 2019 I received the following email from Jay Christopher, Acquisitions Editor at WiDo/E.L. Marker Publishing...

"Dear Gillian, I have completed the review of your memoir, Dancing Past Thieves. It has one of the most evocative openings I’ve ever read in a book; the voice is pensive, poetic, deeply reflective and seems to rise from the dust. There is a gorgeous symmetry in the way your story begins with Gillian, a caul baby, living in South Africa, with the promise of a bright and glorious future and the way it ends with Gillian, a redeemed adult, living in the United States and married, with the promise of a bright and glorious future. The narrative coda of Deron Thorp's unimaginable death reminds the reader that while tragedy has not abandoned Gillian, she is not tragic. She is free to make her own happiness. Dancing Past Thieves has the potential to define the genre of South African Gothic, and I have enthusiastically recommended it to our team for publication. They have agreed it would make a strong addition to our list. Should you decide to accept our offer to publish your book, our Managing Editor will assign you a content editor, and our Lead Publisher will draw up a contract for your consideration."

I am excited to share that on January 3, 2020 I signed into contract with WiDo Publishing/E.L. Marker. As for when it will be released? Aiming for summer 2020!

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